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My gig's click rate is decreasing


Hi! you are seeing my gig report. After completing 4 orders My gig impression should be increased! Isn’t it? But it is quite same like before as it was. My click rate is also decreasing. Can you give me some suggestion? If you suggest me to marketing my gig in social media & forum. Can you suggest me some forum name where you promote your gig. I don’t know why I am not getting benefited by social media. Can you share your tricks?
Thank you.


I can see its increasing.
If its decreasing then apply those policy which will increase the gig view and impression


If I share them, then its no more my tricks; its now our tricks. Just kidding, try to use the buyer request more often and with the aspect of social media, don’t just spam try to find people or group of people who might need your service then you can share you gig with them.

I hope this helps :smiley:


Use promote your gig via social media


Socialize your gig on facebook pages
How u attach image with your description i didnot find any option of attachment there @sultanraji @immdpial


Go to your dashboard ,you will see “share your gigs”


Click there for attaching images in the forum with your description or reply.


I dont have this option in my mobile app @immdpial



@malikumer13503 I don’t know about mobile. You will find that on the computer or desktop version. You can use chrome in mobile. Then you can request the desktop version of the forum. I think you will find a solution.
You can check that website click here to know, how to request a desktop version on any website.


Oh Got it dear Thank you very much


My pleasure :relaxed: @malikumer13503


What are the policies? Please tell me. Thank You.