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My gigs completed but funds not cleared, why so long? (solved)


Can you please tell me why i dont get my amount of money of my orders?

i mean i have 7 orders that are already finished/completed 1 month or even 3 months ago and i didnt receive my funds? what is this a game? why isnt it simple you finish your order, the buyer marked it as complete and get my funds? this Revenue thing is stupid, i dont work to wait for my funds to be cleared after few months, i want my money after my order is fully completed.

can someone explain me a really understanding answer about this ?

already submitted a ticket to fiver 1 month ago and they didnt answer me back.

today i resubmitted, and i feel like they will ignore me again?


Spartakos K.

I dont want revenue card, do can i disable that thing?