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My gigs completely disappeared from search results? anyone has drop of sales? CHECK!


Anyone experienced their gigs completely lost from search results recently? I wondering why my orders are just 1/5 from usual amount then checked and whola! My gigs with thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews are nowhere to found for any relevant keys and even if browsing category.

Anyone her noticing drop of sales, can you check out and report if You appear in search results as usually?


Dear Have:

Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question.

In the meantime, I changed the title of the thread, specifically “disapierd” to disappeared.

Good luck,


Blaise, thanks. I was so kicked out due this :frowning:


Dear Have:

Solution: Build your own sales funnel website with great content to drive Buyers directly to your Fiver profile.

Good luck,


Yeah, working on it, but same time like anyone in same situation I do not see any reason why would I throw away possibility show people on Fiverr my offered services which I believe (and repeating orders from my buyers approve) is useful and demanded…

OK, I’m not the top10 of earners here, but I work here for 6 years putting my soul and efforts into it to provide best I can for current and future clients, answering questions whatever they be, NEVER late a order and now figured out that internal Fiverr sellers valuation system value all my efforts so low that even don’t mind list my gigs ANYWHERE so other can see it

Same time a lot of newcomers (no offense newbies, good luck on Your journey) and even completely stolen from me gig with 3x price I offer rank in the top. I think that everyone understand what feelings I have now.


I have nothing useful to add, but I did want to say that your profile picture is a very impressive collection of all the colors nature uses to say “DANGER! POISONOUS! KILLER! STAY AWAY!”

Actually, maybe that is useful to know? Subconsciously, you are driving people away by having a profile picture that looks like a combination of a wasp/bee/ladybug/other nasty red animals.

Perhaps add in a blue police crime scene line to really give a nice final touch to the whole look–this will reassure prospective buyers that the toxic animal is under control and the SEO police are on the case.


emmaki, well, I don’t think that Fiverr gig valuation algorithm take into account my “colors” :slight_smile:

Also each living creature has their own color preference, so what is liked by one, not always liked by another. In our case You see me, that’s good enough for the start. If we start value just by outer look it doesn’t end into anything useful.

At the moment question is still open. emmaki are You sure that Your gigs are available for new users too?