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My gigs de ranked from 7 months must Read and comment

From the last 7 months, my gigs are on the last page in each category and did not come up even a single time in the last 7 months.

I knew that the Fiverr ranking system is automated depends on many metrics but I am 100% sure there is an issue with my account.
Because my account did not come up even a single time.

The Fiverr ranking system is not updating and picking my account I shared my gigs on many platforms and got some orders but still zero improvements only some work from social media and old clients.

My account neglected by Fiverr.

I never faced this issue before, I got issue many times but my ranking always recovered after 3 months.

I have 899 reviews and getting a 20-30 impression daily that’s not fair for the old seller.

The issue on my all gigs even my complete account is dead.



We all go through that :woman_shrugging:
My account was hidden since March 2020. I suspect a lot of new sellers came here due to pandemic and algorithm got overloaded with new people and giving them all a “boost”.

Look, even though my gigs were hidden for over 6 months it didn’t really affect my business because you can not rely just on fiverr algorithm and you need to build sustainable business


100% Same problem in me! I don’t know how to solve it. even Fiverr didn’t give me promote option. I really unhappy.

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Exactly same issue :frowning:

My gigs all de-rank from 4-5 months even CS not help and I think we have to wait, I have open many tickets but response are same.


Fiverr giving chance to new seller by neglecting old sellers forever

I knew but that’s 7 months is huge time I did not come up single time

Same issue from last 5 months :neutral_face:
Seems like it will destroy the old sellers Completely.

Don’t know why Fiverr is going. Giving chance not mean totally destroyed old seller