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My gigs disappear in search! (Problem Solve)

Hello there, Hope you all are well. From last 2 months I’m not getting my gigs in search. Actually I don’t know what’s the problem. I thought it’s because of fiverr algorithm problem. That’s why I was waiting. But still I’m not getting my gigs in search by gigs tags.

But when I filter with country and level it’s showing my gig at the very last page. Can anyone please check my gigs and help me?

It’s my first post here. So please ignore my mistake.

Thanks in advanced

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Hello, This is a common problem now days. You don’t need to get discourage. I am facing this issue for 3 months still my gig is at last page. In these days, you can learn more in your field or learn new skills. Quitting is not the solution.

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But what’s will be the solution of this problem?

As I am seller like you. No once can give your proper solution or exact answer. Their team is already working in search algorithm. Only thing we can do learn something new, boost our skill and hope for best.

Ok. Thanks for your suggestion.

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