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My gigs Disappeared from the search

Hello Everyone,
I have been working on fiverr since 2019. All was going well as i was on Page 1 in rankings and was receiving 3 to 4 orders in a day but 2 months before i can’t ,manage my orders and some deliveries went late also I received 2 warnings. I was going to achieve level 2 but as i received back to back 2 warnings and also my On Time Delivery went below 90 so instead of getting level to I was demoted from Level 1 selller to No Level or New seller. Everything was still okay!
But then after a few days all my gigs suddenly disappeared from the search. Now i can’t even get 10 orders in a month. None of my gigs appear in the search. I will get my level 1 back on this 15 but will my gigs be back at top or i will have to make new changes in them? Need help!

Thanks in Advance!