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My gigs dissapesred from search results and from lists in categories!


Since Days ago i have not any orders :frowning: and i searched my gigs in the site and does not show in search results and also does not appear in the categories in any place in the site, somebody has had the same prblem? How can i do them appear again? :frowning:


@aldodel I have same problem. When i asked them they said,

"The services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account has accumulated too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results. You’re more than welcomed to submit new gigs via your Fiverr account and continue to offer new and unique services for future evaluations by our editorial team."

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I am facing the same issue like as mention above. Kindly check it and guide me in it.

I will wait your prompt reply.


Be careful about this. I have the same experiment but I found the cause of lost gigs on search. My gigs are hijacked before with other seller with proof:


I just did some random searchers on other users and that seems to be the case for a lot of gigs. I search using their username and get no results.

Based on a comment above by pauldesign , is Fiverr saying that if you have too many cancellations your gig will not show in search results?


I just searched for all the above people who say they’re not showing up in search results. They all showed up, and gigs showed up by them, too. So, the problem is?


Celtic, try searching for my username (comes up “no users found”)…

…and then just the NAME (without “85”, comes up with only “1”)…

See if YOU can find ME. [Laugh!]