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My Gigs Doesn't Appear in search

I searched for my gigs many times but couldn’t find anywhere. I searched with my target keyword and title keyword but couldn’t find it anywhere on my gigs Fiverr search page. Please help me and try to resolve it very quickly then it will be very useful for me. Thank you all very much. I hope that will help me very soon.

please give me some idea

I have already sent a message to the Fiverr Support Team but no solution has come so far

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same here!!! don’t know I also face the same problem.


It’s Really So sad

I don’t know how to solve it

My Gigs Doesn’t Appear in search

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But there’s no solutions and no one care :disappointed_relieved:
I’m facing this problem last two month and my best selling gig and all gig out of search, before that, I got regular order but last two month I’m not getting any new client’s or message. Fiverr is important for me and i didn’t get any solutions, I have asked several times. :disappointed_relieved:
It wasn’t ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug and that’s why all gig is out of search and no one care. :cry: :zipper_mouth_face:

Brother . You Can Delete Your Give and Create other one.

be patience and share you gig it will be back in the first page