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My gigs don't appear in search results

I have two gigs and none of them appear in search after I’ve changed few words in description 2-3 weeks ago.
Today I tried to submit a request for support, but I am getting “Action Failed.”
Anyone have idea what is going on?

All of your Gigs are active and there’s nothing to worry about. There are dozens of pages in each category and you might’ve missed yours. Unless your Gig is paused or under review.

There is only one page in this category, and my 2 gigs are not there. They were before, but not in the last 2-3 weeks. My gigs are active but still missing in search.

That’s probably because of the keywords. There’s no keyword on your Gig such as “accountability coach”. I entered to your Gig by going through the category you’ve chosen. At this moment, your Gig is in a category that has 6,700 services available. :wink:

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Hi Majamih,

From what I gather, having been told by CS as well as a category manager when I had one is this… At times your gigs are taken out of rotation. There are several ways in which Fiverr promotes your gigs, within the search is one of many.

For the first year or so I was so focused on looking at my stats. Impressions, clicks etc and tried making sense of it all, but what I found is that it absolutely drove me insane. So rather than trying to always look to see where I am in search (recent delivery of an order helps you appear higher), and trying to make sense as to why my impressions were declining. I switched gears are put all that energy and focus on providing a great product with service to match.

As time went on I was developing great relationships with customers so it makes those down months more tolerable.



You can make a complain to CS

Try to Search it with your full Gig Title. if it’s even not appear, contact Fiverr CS. I also Had same issue at many times. but gigs are back after few days or max 1-2 week. ,

No, I can’t find it. I tried searching by my username, nothing comes up. Also, tried searching by title and filtered by country, nothing. It’s been at least 2-3 weeks since my gigs are missing in search.
I tried to submit a request to CS, but I can’t since I get “Action Failed. Please try again.”
I’ve been on Fiverr only for a month or two as a seller, and so far, it pretty much sucks.

try to select Different title / category issue when you submit CS request, sometimes i also got that “Please try again” error.


Please share your gig on social media. And target your Fokas Keyword.
Thanks in advance.


that worked, thanks. I’ll see if I’ll get any reply from CS.

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If you change filter option while searching from “Best Selling” to “Newest Arrivals” you probably will be able to found many gigs which where not showing before.

Good luck!

I tried it but it doesn’t work. Actually, it is not important which option is chosen since there are only ~40 services available

I got a reply from CS. My gigs have to be modified since I wrote the service would be delivered on Zoom. I didn’t know that that it was not allowed. But, I don’t see how can I deliver coaching sessions on Fiverr, since they have to be in real time and interactive.

First you should check your gig status if it’s on pending or active:

Gig > my gig doesn’t appear in search > select your gig