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My gigs don't get click


Try to make attractive images & shorter titles. Those things attracts more buyers…


All your gig images are just photos of people with a title next to it. Your gig is making a website, but there isn’t a single image of an example site or past sites you’ve designed. Think of it from a buyers perspective, would you buy from a seller who doesn’t show any of their work?


Thank you so much, I’ll do this. :heart:

All right but If I add an image as my previous work buyer think it’s fake. Might be they don’t check any other images.

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Why would a buyer think it is fake? As long as its your own work, I don’t see any downside. Personally I wouldn’t buy from a seller if I couldn’t see a single example of their work, I’m sure many buyers would think the same. In the “Full Website Creation” category there are over 17,000 gigs. Thats a lot of competition and you need to show buyers why you are better than others. How can you do that if you don’t show your work?


No worry. If you get the impression, then Just change your gig image. Try to make the image more attractive and use the short title with heading font and try to show your design work. Thanks. Best of luck for you

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I understood. Thank you very much :heart:

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Thank you, I’ll try.

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To get more clicks:

  • Try to use eye-catching image
  • Try to use proper title
  • Share your gig on social media
  • Try to be active as much as you can

Sometime it depends on gig image quality and gig title. you can research on it :slightly_smiling_face:

The point you talk its nice work, keep it up