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My gigs don't show up on the search

Hi. Sorry to bother. None of my gigs shows up on the search. I’ve done everything correctly.
This is one of the gigs of mine It has 5 tags I searched every one of them. I looked every page and my gigs aren’t there! I even personalised the search to find my gigs quicker and more accurately. But nothing showed up. Thank you.



Maybe need some time. Your gig is new. And tray to send buyer requests.

Thank you


have patience gigs take time to rank in competitive niche.

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I edited my gigs in 24 hours. Does this have any negative effects ? because someone in Quora says your gig won’t show up if you edit before 24 hours

I have no idea about that.

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Hello! You should do keyword research for title, tags & description before uploading a gig. Put 1200 characters on your gig description and put there some best keywords. Try to publish more than 6 gigs then one or two will be rank earlier. Keep patience brother. best of luck


Thank you, Raahmat! Should I delete and repost my gigs or Editing is enough ?

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Editing is not effective now a days. You should better delete your gig then repost.

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What’s about your Gig impression??
Is your Gig active on Fiverr or draft? Check it.

You must push keywords in Url/Title/Tags/Description.

Try to Active in Fiverr and Fiverr Forum.
Send some Buyers request.

If it’s not working delete your Gig and Submit a new one.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

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You opened the gig with that keyword. Search with that keyword. :smiley:

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Be patience & Wish you all the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you seen none of them not shown up any of keywords search then try to delete them and newly create and post with correct category and sub-category hope that help!

It will rank just track you competitors what they are doing and on which keyword they are ranking.

Maybe need some time. Your gig is new. And tray to send buyer requests.

New gigs sometimes take time to rank up wait.Everything will be ok

Don’t be tensed. Stay online and wait. As your Gigs are new, it may take some time to show your gigs in the search results. Don’t edit gigs frequently. Because, after editing, it may take some time to reappear your gig in the search result.