My Gig's downfall


Hello guys!

I am a new seller and interested in understanding how your gig change positions. I have been on fiverr since 2 months now and never seen my gig progressing though I have delivered 100% satisfaction to the clients I got from replying to their buyer request. Yet my views, impressions and clicks never went significantly up. Has anyone faced similar problem? Can you guide how to deal with it?

Many thanks for your time. :smile:


hello mr vazzah i am experiencing the opposite. my gigs impression clicks and views are good but no orders


Pardon my sarcasm, but no, I’ve never experienced this. I don’t think anyone else has either.


In all seriousness, yes, we all experience this. It is part of being in business. Here’s a solution: Have you tried marketing and promoting your gig… to bring in your own customers? Maybe that would help.


Your recent delivery was 1 day ago and you are level 1 … you have made a great start with good reviews. Just keep doing what you have been doing which obviously works and don’t worry about it. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


lloydsolutions is right. You’re doing very well. Your whiteboard animation is among the better ones I’ve seen. You’re making sales and making clients happy. You’re on your way.

The category is probably too crowded to expect tons of orders in your queue. I think growth is going to require figuring out some other clever things you know how to do.

Best of success to you. :slight_smile: