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My gigs goes pending again. Any reason?

I just posted a gig yesterday. I completed my order and had positive 100% response. But now the gig goes for pending approval. Any reason?

I’m not quite sure I understand you. Are you saying you posted a gig, received an order from a buyer then completed the order, and now, today, the gig has been suspended by Fiverr pending approval? That seems odd, since the gig was already approved by Fiverr. Did you make any changes in the description or update photos/graphics on the gig? Sometimes that triggers a review by a moderator. If not, try contacting Customer Service, because that seems like maybe it’s a glitch or bug.

@mumeriftikhar, is it the Wordpress gig? If so, it’s not pending anymore, so maybe it was a glitch like @celticmoon said.