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My gigs goes to draft

Today I sign-up to fiverr, but when I create a gig, it goes to drafts.
I should say that I complete the gig but it remain in drafts.
what shall I do to active my gigs.
please help me guys.



Welcome to fiverr. It should be showing some error. Try to find it and fix it accordingly. I guess you are missing out on some required field like price, description, and others. Go through your gig thoroughly.


I filled every single field in gig, but it still remain in draft.

and above of my gigs page in fiverr profile, displayed a notification by this content “Your Gig analytics are back! View your impressions, clicks, and orders. You’ll be able to access your complete analytics data soon.”

is it relative to this problem?

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that’s not a problem. Just ignore it.

You can contact support center if your problem continues repeatedly.

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thank you my friend. :heart:

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Fiverr analytics had bug for few months. Now it is back that’s why they are showing this error. It is not related to your issue.

Can you share screenshot of draft section?

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I upload all of my gig’s pages screenshots for you.

Looks good to me. Did you do phone verification on Fiverr? You should do it first and then publish gig

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ohhh no. really? tnx man.
I didn’t. but I will do it and leave my feedback here for you. :heart:

my problem solved by this tip. tnx buddy. :heart:

You are welcome. Have a good day :slight_smile:

I have tried to verify My phone number, they say " try again in 24hrs"

Theres may be some error