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My gigs has zero impressions

over the past few days, all my new gigs are showing zero impression. please what do i need to do to change it.

i have the same problem yet

CS has said that it takes AT LEAST 24 hours to index new gigs.

Be patient.

@seogenerator Actually, I just looked at your gigs. Fiverr gets many complaints about the kinds of “service” you sell, and I heard recently that they may make the decision to not promote low-rated gigs or gigs in high-complaint areas. So it’s possible that’s why your gigs don’t have impressions: Fiverr isn’t promoting them. But for you, that won’t be a problem! All you have to do is promote yourself to your 1 million Facebook followers. I’m sure you can get a at least some sales from that many real people.

@saqlainabidjutt You’re using a copyrighted photo on at least one of your gigs, and that’s against the terms of service of Fiverr.