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My gigs have been removed fro fiverr search for no reason-READ BELOW


I had only one gig denied removed-Big deal,made a mistake,been removed,sorted.

I have only positive reviews,and fiverr has decided to remove all my gigs from fiverr search,is that fair.

My question to fiverr customer service - ,I cant find my gigs on search anymore,what a shame.

ANSWER - We’ll check on the issue with your active gig counter and will try to fix it. As for the other issue, unfortunately your account has accumulated too many denied gigs that were not in compliance with our editorial guidelines. Because of that your remaining gigs were removed from Fiverr search and it won’t be possible for us to reinstate their searchability.

At this point you might consider to manually advertise your gigs on the Internet and attract customers to them that way.

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