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My gigs have been removed from fiverr search [2014 - ARCHIVED]

My sales get down in last 72hours. My gig are not showing in search engine. I do not know why it happen. And why fiverr doing such for me. Even in high rating in search results.

Reply to @freelancemm: Majority of gigs need 300-5000 search hits before a sale occurs imo. My traffic is mostly social traffic, and people use social platforms to socialize, not to do shopping.

So let’s say I need 2500 hits to my gig to make a sale. My highest quality traffic that has been reported to often convert into sales costs $5 per 100 visits. That would cost me $125 to provide. And on average an order is worth only $14 according to my stats, often just $5. So not a very wise business plan?

As far as I know, Fiverr does the marketing for their site and thus us sellers so they can make money from the sales we get. But correct me if I’m wrong.


I am waiting for their response. My gig was get 600+ reviews and now it disappear from every where.

Neither in searching nor high rating etc

Hi, I am also suffering from the same issue. I have filed three request already on customer care but didn’t got any reply from them its been more than 48 hrs since i posted request on customer care.

This is the whole message i’ve posted here on forums and also sent it customer care but didn’t got any replay or any help from customer care nor with anyone. Here is the original message:

"Hi, I am having a Gig which was on top from past 6 to 8 months for the keyword “app promotion”. But now when i am searching for my gig it is not showing in the search results. Not in “High Rating”, not in “recommended” and nor in “New”. Even my gig is having high rating in comparison to other gigs. It was shown in “High Rating” but now its not showing anywhere in the search. I don’t know why it happened. I think its a technical problem with the gig. My gigs status is active. But its not showing anywhere in fiverr due to which i am not getting new orders only users who have saved my gig earlier are ordering my gig. Rest of the buyers unable to find it in search option. I am attaching a link to my gig with this message. Here is the link:

Please put my gig back in the search so that buyers looking for gig can easily find it in the search.


Jay - See more at:

Please if somebody is facing the same problem then please join this discussion…


Same here. I am having 650+ reviews on my gig and was on top in search results earlier but now its not even coming in search results. I don’t know why customer care is not resolving our problem. i was getting 6-10 new order everyday and now not a single one due this problem.

any response

Not yet

My gigs ARE still showing up as anticipated— HOWEVER — orders have run dry. Like everyone above, I was accustomed to a steady stream of orders, and roughly a week or so ago… that completely stopped. Frustration.

I also posted a question (about something else) in customer service and it’s going on six days with no response, although the “last activity” status keeps changing when I look at it; I’ve gotten no response. I fear this whole mess about orders drying up is clogging up customer service for any and all matters…

Customer care showing no response.

still i am waiting. 4days are now going to be passed.

Reply to @kjblynx: It been 6 days now. And still no response.

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be hurting in this regard. Hopefully, something will be done to even out the search algorithms in order to get top-selling and top-rated gigs back in the listings. And, as others have stated, I also feel that the sheer volume of tickets that have been submitted regarding this issue has likely slowed down response times of the staff drastically. Hence why I think that something is likely to be done relatively soon, to help assuage the masses of upset sellers.

Reply to @freethinkern:

No. Based upon your above-quoted response from Customer Care, it sounds like YOUR gigs in question were removed from the search results due to you having “too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service”. That sounds like an issue between you and Fiverr’s rules, not an overall blanket issue for everyone.

This is what i got in response from Customer Care:

Hello there,

The services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account has accumulated too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results. You’re more than welcomed to submit new gigs via your Fiverr account and continue to offer new and unique services for future evaluations by our editorial team.

So i don’t think its a reindexing problem, they removed our gigs so that newbies can get orders.

I seemed to have had a drop-off after reaching level one.

same thing happened to me… i was get daily 3-7 orders in last 2 weeks and i lost my sales in last 48 hours. i didn’t get any new message or orders in last 2 days and i can’t find any of my gigg in fiverr search result also… i think my giggs were gone from fiverr search result…

dr fiverr please fix this issue and any one know how to get back giggs in fiverr search result :((

I am level 2 with 100% positive rate and so far completed more than 150++ giggs…

my account is :

Thank You =(( =(( =((

I’m having the same issue. None of my gigs show up in search results anymore. Even if I copy and paste the exact gig title, nothing comes up. O.O

I understand that gigs are rotated to give everyone a chance to shine, but aren’t the search rankings just reduced instead of removed completely in that case?

Anyone have seen their gigs disappear but then return?

Don’t rely upon only the Fiverr search system to bring in sales. If you do that, and the search rankings change, then you’ll find yourself in the very situation you are in right now. Instead, market and promote your gigs elsewhere online. That way, when the search rankings flip, you’re not hurting for sales.

Never put all your eggs in one basket.