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My gigs have disappeared from search

I recently noticed a huge drop in my sales - normally, I’d receive 3-4 large orders ($60+) per day during 'slow’
days, now I’m dealing with whole days going by with not a single message, let alone order in sight. Given that I took quite a lengthy break (2-3 months) from Fiverr, I thought it was just my gigs ‘recovering’ their impressions but it seems like my gigs have disappeared from the search altogether.

Before my break, my website content gig was on the first/second page of the relevant category, my best-selling article gig - on the second/third. Now I’ve scrolled back to the 12 page of every category, and my gigs are just… gone. This explains why my impressions are going down, and my gig views hit around 4-5 per day (which is insanely low for me).

Does anyone know if this is a common issue after having vacation mode on for extended periods of time? I turned it off a month ago which in my experience (I’ve taken 1-month vacations before and recovered within a week) is plenty of time to get my views and impressions back on track? Is it a common bug anyone else is experiencing?

Just to reiterate, my issue is not ‘how to improve my gig’ (though comments and advice are always welcome and appreciated) since I’ve been on the site for several years now and I’ve never had an issue with impressions or gig ranking in the search.

EDIT1: I just checked and the impressions on my best-selling gigs are 0-1 for the past week. I also noticed that I made some edits to these gigs around this time so it looks like a glitch… I’ve contacted CS and hoping for a resolution

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How long ago was it that you came back from vacation? I’ve never taken a long vacation before but maybe someone else will come along that has experience with this. How are your impressions now?

It’s been a month since I’m back. Impressions are terribly low and have been the same from the first day I got back - which gets me thinking that my gigs never ‘returned’ to search…

P.S. Just checked the impressions on my best-selling gig - literally 1. 1 Impression. This must be a bug, right?

You can try contacting customer support. It might be a bug. Please let us know what they say.

Be aware that Fiverr is constantly changing and I think in the past year to 18 months, there has been more and bigger changes than ever before. The way things happened last year or the year before may not apply any more.

I do think that gigs/sellers who take a long break tend to struggle when they get back. To be fair, I think this would not be unreasonable either. My personal opinion is that after a big break, people need to work really hard at getting some sales under their belt whether that is through a promotional campaign, lowering prices, responding to Buyer Requests or whatever else.
From what I see, Fiverr seems to like when people make that effort and get sales for themselves without initially relying on their search position. This also makes logical sense to me, even if it is frustrating if you have had an extended break for good reasons.
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I don’t know how much you have been editing your gigs, but that may be part of it. Your gigs will disappear for about a day if edits are made. However, you said it’s been a while. I can’t imagine that you have made major edits almost every single day since you came back, right?