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My Gigs have lot of impressions, but not lot of clicks

My gigs have lot of impressions, and i improved some of them to have at least 30 impressions per day, but i don’t have lot of clicks, one of them had 700 impression for only 3 clicks

What can cause low click rate?.


Change your gig image. Give eye caching an image. The solution will be.

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I’ve already changed the image of one of my gig, i’ll do the same for others, other suggestion?

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Then you follow the gig image of others more. Your gig image is not eye caching or there is no information in your gig image. Make time for gig images.

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Yeah - images are an issue. Particularly when there’s only text on them and the sizing means the words are cut off on both sides.

Also there are a couple of typos - for example: " I will create a branding names" should be either " branding names " or " a brand name". Plurals and correct sentence construction are important, particularly when you’re also offering translations …

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I’ve experienced the same problem with one of my Gigs (high impressions but just a few clicks). I guess when that happens it means that the Gig title or image are not noticeable enough.

Sometimes creating a short presentation video, rather than adding a simple image, can help you stand out and increase your click rate.
I would also suggest to edit your translation Gig title. I think it sounds better to say: “from English to French and vice versa” rather than “between French and English.”

But you have already a couple of great reviews, so that’s nice! Keep up the good work.