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My Gigs have no lot of Impressions, views and clicks

Hello Guys Good Afternoon,

I want your valuable suggestions that how to improve Gigs Impressions, Views and Clicks, few friends told me that if you have lot of Impressions, Views and Clicks then you will got succeed for yours selling Gigs is it right.?

Your Suggestions are highly appreciated.




Statistically speaking yes, if you get a lot of clicks then eventually you’ll get an order.
However, all new sellers get a ranking boost at the beginning and usually that should be enough if your gig is appealing enough to turn those clicks into orders.

How many impressions, views and clicks you get today?
For example, I get about 40 clicks per month, but my conversion rate is over 7% which is enough for me because I wouldn’t be able to take on more clients anyway.


not have received today impressions and so on so, but from few days ago have received not more then 100 impressions and others.

Are you looking at your monthly stats?
Go to Selling > Gigs

You wouldn’t see today’s impressions anyway. There’s a delay

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Yes have visited already, my request is that how to improve impressions and so on so.?

You might have updated some metadata of the gig. Like tags, gig extras, video etc. If these things are updated, fiverr removes you from search for maximum of 48 hours.

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Ok dear,
Thanks for your suggestion

What I’m trying to say is that at the beginning you don’t really need to worry about impressions. You need to work on turning impressions into clicks and clicks into orders.

However, I checked your gig and if you’re getting a very low number of impressions then it could be that your target audience is not on this platform. You might need to reach out to social media groups or communities.

I took the keywords “climate change” from your gig and it seems that there are less than 10 gigs that offer it. Why? Maybe there’s no market for it here.
Or maybe people use different keywords to look for that kind of service.

So you can optimize your gigs for different keywords & tags, but if that doesn’t work either then you might need to bring your own clients here.

Look up your closest competitor and check what kind of keywords are they using.


Thanks dear for your suggestions, as you know that I am also new here on fiverr that’s why have make only four Gigs I am also trying to increased its numbers accordingly.

Thanks again

Best Regards