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My gigs impression are getting red sign how to turn them green? what really does this mean?

I am a new seller and i am a facing lot of problems. first i am not getting any order and second my gigs impression are getting red one by one ? Please any one can suggest me how to turn them green?

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Change your tags and share your gigs on social media.


Share your gig in your social media. it will turn the color of your gig impression green. Initially it will help you to sell more.

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if you have any 4 related tags then how can i change tags ?

Search your related gigs you must find some keywords for tags. When you have some good reviews than your gig impressions will be boost.

Its mean in every gig your tags should be different?

Yes if you offer different services, the tags must related to your service. When someone search your service and they use a keyword that should be your gig tags.

If we have an option for 5 tags then is it best to use all the 5 tags or just use 1 to 2 tags which best describe your gig?

Use 5 of them because it will help your gigs in showing search result.

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thanks @zaiba202 for your precious time

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You are welcome hope that will help you:slightly_smiling_face:

yes of course it will help me a lot

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