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My GIG's impression, clicks are decreasing.Why?

Even if I am new, someone can give me a job. Because I came to the market as an expert. I stopped sharing my jig for a while and then my gig’s clicks, impressions decreased. How can I fix this? And how can I increase my gig’s clicks and impressions?

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I recommend you visit the Tips for sellers section of this forum to read some of the guides on there. Here’s one I wrote about ranking your gig:

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It is simple, edit your gig again and do some minor changes. This will allow your gig to get attention from Fiver’s Algorithm and your impressions may improve. However, I would also suggest you to do the SEO of your gigs properly, especially choose the tags carefully.

Note: If you are getting impressions but not clicks, then you should change your gig image. However, if you are getting clicks but no orders, I would advise you to improve your description. Good Luck!