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My gigs impression down down

why just a my gigs impression down…

Why me also? not a ble to understand Fiverr Algorithm

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Try to improve your description and readability of your title, use only tags related to your service, try promoting your GIG on various social medias like facebook( Fiverr community and groups), instagram etc
you will see the improvement very soon.


but i already do it…just down impressions…views,click, high

Try using a catchy title in order to stand out from others, it often happens when there are more GIGs already present with the same service as you, Hence Fiverr is unable to put you on the search results, push yourself with buyers request too it.

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Look your gigs search pages
No impressions, unless shown on the Gig search pages
Notify fiverr customer support service

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Gig images play vitally important role in performance of a gig.
Try to improve your gig images by producing more and more productive and eye catching images.