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My gigs Impressions are too down, i'm worried.[ IMPRESSIONS VIEWS ] [ACTIVE]


Hello Everyone, I’m level 2 Graphics designer ( having 9 active gigs.

But I’m too much worried that impressions on my gigs are going down day by day from last 30 days. I’m continuously sharing my gigs on social media but no effect, please help me plz, i’m so much worried please… :frowning:

(all see the attachment please)

Sheriff’s Note: Moving to Fiver FAQ. Added keywords: sales search drop


I’ve noticed it too but I can tell you for sure after being here for 3 years they go way down and can come way back. They never keep going down forever, unless you did something wrong like late deliveries or not answering your messages quickly.


Its down for every one I am also having the same issue sir


Reply to @misscrystal: Thanks misscrystal, I’m delivering my every order on time and also give quick response (from my mobile phone as well from my computer). And now it’s going upword. Can you please suggest something else, as you are senior to me here. Thanks


I reply quickly to my messages since i use my mobile app to receive notifications. but I still see "slow response to messages from Fiverr. How can I improve?