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My gigs impressions not increasing, stable from one week

My gigs impressions not increasing from one week, I have sent so many requests to the customer support but no reply from the support team, what is the issue with my gig


Customer support is not responsible for your impressions. Focus on promoting your gigs online. Maybe improve your gigs. Now I understand why customer support takes up to 10 days to reply, if people are constantly asking them why their impressions are down…


Sorry to hear that,
Customer Support might not help with this issue, they also take a while to respond. usually 7-10 days.
Take a look at a post I made recently. Hopefully this helps.

Well improve your gig! SEO and Promoting is the key

but my impression suddenly goes down, firstly it is working normally I getting 100- 150 impressions per day and in this week I’m getting only 6-8 impressions per day this sounds weird

Gigs change positions in search all the time - that is why you’re seeing such a drastic change in your impressions.

An impression is just when your gig shows up on one of Fiverr’s search pages. It doesn’t mean that anyone actually looks at your gig.

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But my gig even didn’t appear in Fiverr search

If your gig isn’t in Fiverr search then it won’t be getting any impressions.

What is the solution for that? even I have done proper SEO firstly it works well but now it not seems in fiverr search

  1. Don’t hijack other people’s topics.
  2. Exchanging favourites does nothing to help your ‘ranking’. It’s a bookmark tool for buyers.