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My gigs is not come back to first page

Hello every one!!
I need help, My gigs was on first page, But from now a months ago,The gig is coming to last page, How can i come back my all gigs to first page, I do update and changes gigs day by day, but not get good result,Is that can somethings you guys do for me .


No, we cannot make you or your gig successful. You need to take responsibility for your own gigs. Surely you have business goals? What are you doing to achieve those goals?

And, as far as bring ranked well in the search engine, the search system is based upon performance. If you want to increase the odds of being seen near the top, then you are going to need to be a great seller, who delivers orders on time, and earns positive reviews.

There are no easy ways to become successful. You are going to need a strategy, goals, and determination to reach those goals.


Thanks for your motivation

same problem here in my gig.No anyone knows here how to improve even anyone

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