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My GIGs is not moving from Drafts to active gigs and can't edit gigs


My GIG’S are not moving to active mode they only land into Drafts mode. Even I able to edit, add pictures or set price in my GIGS .


known issue.

contact customer support and wait for the reply. It may take a little while so have patience.


@aamir2 on your first screenshot check mark the gigs the bo on your left side of the gig… when check mark you wll get option at the top to activate just click them and wll be activated…


if they are incomplete then you have to complete them first edit and add image price etc… you wll see red error if somethng missng


But I not able to add images price or edit


It’s a bug right now on editing gigs.
Send a ticket to CS and wait like some of us are doing.


Thank you for the information.


Hmm then surely its a bug open a ticket fron customer supporrt also show them the screenshot


yes I just stated it was a bug.


I will contact support tommorow


do it today it take 2 or more days…so early the good


Does anyone know if this problem is fixed??