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My gigs is still active but no longer appeared on search

Please, I need help, ideas and the way out of the situation that I am currently in, I am actually a new seller but I have done and delivered about 7 quality works for my clients with positive reviews, I had about 150 clicks and more than 2.7k impressions, but unfortunately/suddenly, everything disappeared, my clicks now reduced to zero and I think my impressions is now 120, please, someone should help me with possible solutions, I am hardworking in the sense that, there’s no single day I don’t share my links on different platforms but no clicks , please,who can help me?, who’s facing this same issue? What should I do to have clicks and new orders please? am dying…:sob:


Same problem bro. I have completed 11 orders with 8 positive reviews, and all of a sudden, all my ranks went low and have zero clicks on my gigs. Even promotion ain’t working.

What’s really going on on Fiverr please? Their customer support are not even helping us at all, I have emailed them like everyday but they can’t help me , am scared to loose my account again

Hello buddy,

you should not be emailing customer support in regards to this issue. The platform rotates gigs with many factors being taken into consideration.

You can check if your gig is active via this page:


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I have already checked it before contacting community forum, all my gigs are actually online but if you search for any, u can’t find one , so am scared and I had to contact everyone here to help me, am so scared because it took me time to gat a review and now my gigs were about to rank and suddenly, I found myself in this situation, please if there’s any way out of this, help me please

Can you share your gig with me and i can check for you? :slight_smile:

Yes please hold on let me share it now

Hy please here are my links

So i could not find your gig either mate, however this does happen, give it a few days and it usually fixes itself. You have active orders which is great! It happens to everyone at some point on the rankings, just focus on doing a great job and i am sure it will resurface :slight_smile:

Okay, thank u so much for replying and giving me hope , I really appreciate,but for the impressions and clicks reductions, it’s been a while getting to 3 weeks now, but I still have hope,thank u so much…

My pleasure bud, trust me, it happens to us all :slight_smile: keep working hard and focus on your craft, that is the best way to improve your gig. There is also lots of resources on the forum as well as free/paid courses on Fiverr you can take.

Please I need the free course to overcome this so I can start selling, please help me out