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My gigs jump down the last page of the search? Someone help,Please!

Good morning everyone,
I have a problem like this. All my gigs are the usually on the first page of the search.
After I got an order few days ago, my gigs jumped down the last page on search.
Does someone have a problem like this? i’m feel concerned about it.
Waiting for all your comments!!!


Same happened to me as well.

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How long it come to you? And did you fix it yet?

No, it’s not in my hand to fix it. It happened when Fiverr changes/ updates their algorithm.

So, It depends on Fiverr? Then, after their algorithm fix, our rate will back normal?
If the gigs to be showed at the last page, we will be difficult to have a chance being seen by clients. :frowning:

Try updating your gig. It will work.

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what do you mean with update it? more clearly, please! I have fixed it 2 days ago also!

By Update I meant to check and research about other gigs in your category. Check what tags can bring you on top and use those.

Also update your description and gig picture. It may help you get ranked.

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I hope so, thank you for your kind response!

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Hello everyone.
Again, my gigs still not back normal on the search. It makes me worry so much because It can affect to my gigs, I think!
I need some helpful advice.!