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My gigs last ranking 2 month ago! I completed about 35 orders but still gigs on last pages

I was on Top pages for month but once i had come an emergency in my home and I was compel to go our so i cancelled all my 10 orders in queue.

But once i get back after some days. I just search my gigs but i not found but get my gigs all goes to every last page per gig category.

Then i started hard working and get upto 35-40 orders with average selling of 50+ in the last two month with no cancellation and late, But still my gigs not rank to upper gigs.

Can anyone help me with that? What i need to do to get ranking asap?
Or there is an issue with my gigs? My profile link.


Provide quality service. Do hard work and keep sharing your gig on social media.

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