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My gigs moved to the last page from 4 months

MY GIGS MOVED TO THE LAST PAGE FROM LAST 4 MONTHS. I earned only 8$ in SEPTEMBER. I am very stressed and mentally disturbed. I tried everything. I Change titles, descriptions, tags. I hire SEO. He did some changes to my gigs but my gigs are still on the last page. I tried to contact fiver customer support many times they say all is fine, your gig is active. I even tried to make new gigs, fiver throws my new gigs to the last page. :frowning:
MY response rate, completion rate, delivery rate are 100%. My overall rating is 4.9. I completed 54 orders. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW…
Anyone here who can help me?
Your comments will be highly appreciated. thanks


Same issue happen also with me.


Also, I am facing the same issues.
Any body can help me.

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I am facing this problem from 4 months


I also faced the same problem.


I also dont know brother.


also facing the same problem


i think fiver hates sellers

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Your gigs are all a bit similar - they all seem to mention google map scraping. Try making all your gigs different … I think maybe you’re confusing the algorithm and competing against yourself …


may be this can help. i will do that. thanks

Facing the problem over here.

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its a serious negative issue


It’s possible if someone report to your gig.

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That’s fiverr rotating gigs which is normal for fiverr.
My gigs were on the last pages with less than 80 impressions for over 6 months. But I did expect that to happen and my business is versatile enough to cover for fiverr bad months.
So I would advise you not to rely on one platform and it’s algorithm and build a business that is sustainable at any times.


thanks for your comment. So after 6 months now your gigs are back to the first page ?

So we should sell our services on other platforms as well as fiverr?

To be honest I have no idea where are my gigs now. I’m not checking it, not to say that it’s quite useless exercise because gigs are shown on different positions for different people. One person can see my gig on the first page, another person on the same day can see it on the fifth page, so it’s rather useless information for me.


This is fiverr forum and we discuss mostly fiverr here :wink: but it will be your decision on how you want to run your business

but you should be getting better sales and chat now as compared to the down time that you had

were you getting any sales in that 6-month period you mentioned?

I am facing same problem…