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My gigs moved to the last page from 4 months

Ah I see that somebody is looking for a simple “tops and tricks” :wink:

What works for me might not work for you. And of course I’m not incentivised to share what exactly I’m doing because I don’t need competitors bluntly copying my hard work.

seems like you no longer have an account an active account or gig
that is what i get when i look for your profile on fiverr

I’m facing the same issue since 9 months and CS gave me the same answer 3 times when I contacted them.

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it’s horrifying to know this
lots of people are facing the same issue

It’s there :wink:
(20 char)

well who would not try to find a solution
all the people facing the issue have been trying to find a solution or at least a proper reason
it’s not as simple as gig rotation

any better explanation would be helpful for all
or any experience you had

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can u please share your (tips and tricks) with us to again rank on 1st page. I think we are not competitors.
It will be huge help. thanks

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And that’s the thing that we are trying to explain on a forum for a long time: there is no tips or tricks. Fiver made their algorithm and not sharing specifics of an algorithm on purpose so sellers wouldn’t try to use “tips and tricks” to game the system.

There is no better explanation or better to say explanation that you will like. All we know that algorithm is adapting and changing, there are metrics of performance taken into account but there is also a “boost” for some new accounts and also gig rotations to give to chance to all sellers. So even if your gig have perfects stats you still might be on a last page because simply of gig rotation and fiverr giving chance to other sellers.

@frank_d made a really interesting topic to read about algorithm that you can check (Sorry Frank, it’s already second time I’m tagging you today :see_no_evil:)


from 1st to last page it’s like sending me on quarantine. :frowning:

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@mariashtelle1 @midorinokutsu Agree with your opinions :sparkles:


Unfortunately the OP will not be able to benefit from my more advanced analysis of how the algorithm works.

It’s hard to understand complex concepts when your back is against the wall.

That being said, I’m 99% the OP’s core offering is illegal, and Fiverr just caught on and buried all gigs to the bottom of SERP.

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I’m having the same problem also I’ve noticed that the people who are having this problem can’t use the fiverr gig promotion to promote the gigs as well even if the gig are qualified to be promoted. so it might be a bug or something

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