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My gigs "myrongrimes" "NOT" Being Listed In Search Population Results

Hello Fiverr Community,

My name is Myron Grimes. I have been a “buyer” on Fiverr since 2015. That was pretty straight forward to set up and use. Fiverr had no problem taking my money as a buyer. But after some time in 2015 I setup a “seller” account and to this day, “Fiverr” Account Management has been nothing short of a hassle. My gig on Fiverr seller is “myrongrimes”. Whenever I go through the search engine “within” the Fiverr site, my gig’s, which are listed as three have “never” populated in general search results. I even typed in my specific gig username and it never populates. I have had to literally specify that my name be placed in quotes just to pull up my profile just to see my gigs on the Fiverr platform. I have sent repeated support tickets that have not resolved this matter. I have complained that by now this is an unfair business practice. I know that Fiverr may be oversaturated, but all I asked was that whenever a potential client looks for a seller. My gigs should populate in the general search results. Again, I have brought this to Fiverr’s attention on multiple occasions to the point now my request are just complaints. I am using whatever platform will listen and get the results I am seeking. I am not asking to be populated to the front of the results listing. But it should show up when a client chooses to scroll through the results.

Thank you,

Myron Grimes

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I easily found your gig by your Gig title. It is displayed in Search


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