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My gigs not getting any sales


i had created this gig a few days ago and there was no sales. i did whatever i can to promote it. I also share it to any related forums of my gig and share it on social media. Yes, there was a lot of impressions and clicks but no one had ordered my gig. experts please tell me what is the problem of my gigs.


Generally speaking it can be difficult to get started with a new gig, especially if there’s competition. If many sellers in your niche have a ton of reviews, while your gig has none, this could be a reason. It’s never easy, but at some point the orders will start to come if you have a great gig and high-quality product.

Keep working on optimizing your gigs, sharing them in social media, and create trust with your buyers. It took time before I got my first order - a couple of weeks actually, and this was in a niche with no competition at all. Be patient :slight_smile:

Here is a thread with useful tips on how to improve your gig:


thx for the tips if ever i got any orders i owe you one.


Wait don’t be impatient. Take time to get the first order and its normal. keep continue your gig marketing…hope you will get your first order soon!