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My gigs not selling for a long time


I have read a lot of advice from you here and tried to polish my gigs and descriptions but not yet! I am a new seller and I think buyers are underestimating my services. What do you think?


You have to wait before you get your first order. Promote your gigs on social media. Create a website cum portfolio and add the fiverr seller badge there. Create a page on facebook for your website and promote your fiverr gigs there as well. Open a twitter account and promote your website, your fiverr gigs and your facebook page there. Follow people who you think would be useful. Linkedin is also a good place. Mention “freelance so-and-so-worker on fiverr” on your bio and provide a link to your gigs. Answer questions related to your services on quora and lastly, scrutinize your gigs and read fiverr seller tips.


Hello, you must be patient here because the first sale is the hardest part. Promote your gig, make appealing professional-look gigs and you will get there soon. Dont worry we have all been there.Good luck

Maria S.


I see. Let me dig in deeper. I’ll be back when it works. Pray for me.


You need to make your Gigs inch perfect that has good or great tags. Tags actually help the Buyers or the Service seekers search your Gig by searching the name or tag, say “Article writing etc”. So, If you have good tags, there’s a good chance you’ll get viewers and hence Buyers. Also, your Gigs need to be Professional, they need to look professional. They shouldn’t be something that might swift away your viewers from you.


Ok. I’ll do as you’ve suggested. I also need your prayers too.


Good luck. i am at the beginning too. I have patience. :wink: