My gigs not selling yet?



I registered in Fiverr since December 2016, and created three gigs and got impressions, clicks and views, but still awaiting for my first order.

Any help/suggestion or idea?


Please offer your gig in the Buyer Request session.. Hope you will started to get order soon.


I offer my gigs in buyer requests but still its not selling , i am on fiverr from last month but still did not recieve any order


I didn’t get any work for first 2 months when i start working on Fiverr. But i never stopped. My start was really really slow but i know i can do this thing. So i never stop and try to get orders. AND now i don’t have time to sleep! I am too busy. So keep trying.


But how you promot your gigs … ?


@euphemismidea I never ever promoted my gigs. I used the “Buyer Request Section” to get the new orders. I spend real time to create my gigs. (4-5 hours per Gig). I respected every buyer whether they are giving me the work or not. Professionalism is the key to success.


@iamsachmusic yes yo are right :slight_smile:


I think you have need to modify your gigs


Which type of modification i can make for my gigs?


@sufwaan074 & @euphemismidea

Yo, guys, newsflash: Advertising in buyers’ requests?
a) having to weed through your desperate cries when looking for buyers who might need what I can offer is super annoying. And b) - the funny part - buyers only see their own posts there.

You’re wasting everyone’s time. Stop doing that.


@sufwaan074 & @euphemismidea
Guys, “Buyer Requests” is NOT for promoting your Gigs! It’s for potential buyers that need custom services. Sellers can then approach them by sending them an offer. If a buyer likes a certain offer, they’ll place an order for it. That’s it.

You can get a warning or even a ban for advertising your Gigs there. Think twice. You could advertise in a Facebook Group, on your website… there are so many possibilities.


Same for me it is hard to get the first order but I submitted orders everyday to buyers requests now I have 17 reviews. Since October. I will keep trying. Once you get more orders they come to you more if I am correct.


@idostuff74 and @thatsmauri i am not promoting my gigs on “buyers request section” i just send the offer which i think that i can sell it for buyers …


@crystaldayton High Five :raised_hand: