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My gigs not showing search result anymore

Hello everyone. I don’t received any messages or orders since month now. Everything fine before. When i search my gig tags or titles on search box , my gig not showing anywhere anymore. I scroll 50 pages. Non of my gigs not showing that work fine and show first page before. I dont know what happened. All my gigs are active. I contacted fiverr customer support. But they not seems to care about my problem.


I have the same issue here and I contacted the customer service, the haven’t gotten back to me yet since 3 weeks.
Someone should please help out.

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Same problem facing last few month, But now By grace of Almighty, I found only 03 GIGs out of 06. Rest of 03 GIGs out of world.

I have same issue but not resolved?

Facing same issue since first week of August.

Hi, I do these steps 2 times, but Fiverr support center not replying. I think they are not interested to solve Fiverr seller’s problems. thanks

How I Get resolve my Gig issue?

I change / edit my Gig Title and upgrade SEO title and then after few hours later I got my gig back in search.