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Hello everyone,

I need your help. I have realized an unusual pattern with my active gigs. This has lasted for a week or more now. All my gigs have been pushed to the last page in the search. When I search for specific keywords for each gig, they all appear on the last page. Used to be on the first page with lots of orders, I need your help to rectify this; this as adversely affected my account gigs visibility to the clients. I do not receive client request anymore. Kindly help me. I have maintained high-quality work, great response rate and on time delivery. I will greatly appreciate your response and pieces of advice. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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This happened to me too. All you can do is wait and hope that your gig will be restored to its position. Fiverr CS will tell you that “everything is fine”.


A lot of people have been suffering from this since january, I know it’s frustrating cause I’ve been experiencing the same situation for the past month and few days, so for me it lasted way too longer than it should, I’m supposed to think that this has something to do with many factors such as delayed deliveries on the past 60days, cancellations (due to late deliveries), how often you deliver and the ratings too…maybe you’re lacking something in between what I’ve mentioned, it could be also due to the “seller level”…let me know if any of what I mentioned is something that needs working on!


Welcome to our club. @saaddennis and I are one of its oldest members :grin:.
Talking seriously, take a look at the cancelation rate, late orders and other critical factors, which could lead to this situation.
The faster you eliminate them, the better will be your position in search. Please note that criteria are different in each case, and you need to understand what’s wrong in your specific situation.


We cannot help you fix this, because we do not have any control over how the search system works.

Are you taking the time to do any marketing on your own?


Same here. One of my gigs has been on the last page for a year now, and once before it was 2 years! And my main gig has also been on the last page for a couple of months now. Quite odd, considering it has almost 10k reviews on it, so it’s next to gigs with 5 reviews on them.

I have never seen them return to first page on their own. So only remedy I have found has been to ask support. I’d say it has a 20% success rate. Usually they say it’s not permanent and I only need to improve my services. Which is odd, considering the performance of the gigs, there is no room for improvement. And if I get lucky, they ask editors to check what’s going on with it, after which it has always been fixed.

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Me too I’m facing this issue since January 21st. despite all my stats were and still are 100%98%96%5.0 and level 2. All my gigs are on last page results and very poor daily impressions.
My account is useless except for returning buyer.
If somebody got CS solve this problem please tell us.

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They never returned to the first page or they did after requesting that from the CS?


Maybe cause you cancelled some orders in the past 60 days!


Or maybe delivered couple of gigs late, lately


I have gotten it fixed only sometimes by the help of CS. So that seems to be the only way to get it fixed. It seems to be a large issue currently, so hopefully they fix it permanently if they see enough people are suffering from the same issue.

I strongly believe it’s either a bug, where a gig does sometimes not get indexed properly after editing it, or it’s a penalty. Like too many cancellations or average rating being too low within one month. Though I have a very low cancellation ratio, and ratings are very good too. I also have never delivered late, or had longer than 3h average response time. I also never have used vacation mode or paused my gigs for longer, so I’m leaning to it being a bug.


Yes it seems to be something like that, that would never reach CS since a bot is who’s responding to you…I suppose

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Yes, One of my client placed the order and did not provide the requirements. I had to wait for many days with a 3 days late delivery, there are also some several late delivery the month of February. I think what you have mentioned is the cause of this backward gigs placement.