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My gigs problem

I am the only one seller with my level 2 badges more than 900+ order i have completed. Last 10 months i could not earned average $200 in every single month. Day by day my gigs impression, view, click, order are decreasing. I am not getting any clients messages and orders… If you are guys know that my last 30 days order list. So then i think you are gonna shocked also like me… I am really very disappointed about fiverr behaviours. I think if this problem running with me then i need to leave fiverr as soon as possible. My another friends get there order very much and earned much more. Please suggest me what can i do?


I suggest you should check it position on search Page.


I have searched and my gig is so far from the others…

That is the issue, you gig is not rank as before.

I am having the same issue. I think it is because of lack of promotion. Try to go for other social media sites and promote your gig. That worked for me once. I became lazy with that my impressions are down now. However, sometimes it all for the best. Maybe you can also try to do something else with your talents what will give you a changes to build yourself not depending only on Fiverr. Look for some kind of job in your field. That might be a start.