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My Gigs says I have a sale, but I didn't receive an email and it isn't in My Sales

A friend of mine told me she purchased one of my gigs, and the shopping cart icon on My Gigs now has a 1 next to it; however, I didn’t receive a notification about the sale and the sale doesn’t show up under My Sales.

On your Sales page, click on the drop-down menu next to “filter” and click on “new”. See if the order is listed there. This is an order which has been placed but the buyer hasn’t completed any instructions you might have, or the payment method she used hasn’t been able to be confirmed. Until whichever of these is done, the order will remain inactive. If you’re waiting for her to follow your buyer’s instructions, you can go to the order page and “nudge” her, which sends her a message reminding her she has to do something to activate the order. If it’s a payment problem, there’s nothing you can do until the issue is resolved. Another possibility is that she hasn’t actually placed an order, yet.