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My gigs Search position and Search results is indeed worrying me now. I don't know what to do

Hello everyone,

I need your help. I have realized an unusual pattern with my active gigs. This has lasted for a week or more now. All my gigs have been pushed to the last page in the search. When I search for specific keywords for each gig, they all appear on the last page. Used to be on the first page with lots of orders, I need your help to rectify this; this as adversely affected my account gigs visibility to the clients. I do not receive client request anymore. Kindly help me. I have maintained high-quality work, great response rate and on time delivery. I will greatly appreciate your response and pieces of advice. Looking forward to hearing from you.




Fiverr is volatile and they don’t promise to have your gigs always on the first page. Sometimes they give a boost to new sellers and that’s when yours might be moved to the bottom

But you can also read this:


Thank you for your advice.

well this same is happening with me and its been more than 40 days now. my main best seller gig was well ranked and now i don’t receive even a message from customers.

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Depending on fiverr is not good idea at all. I don’t think fiver search platform is doing fair with everyone, sometimes the gig will show and sometimes the gig won’t show.

I used to get orders before my vacation mode OFF but after enabling it, I don’t get any orders now.

Neither my gig is showing in search results, how this fiverr is doing fair with every one I don’t understand it.