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My gigs show on 1st page but why i can't got any order

Here’s my id linkMy fiverr account…Anyone please check it and tell me what’s wrong with my gig.
I just completed 6work without order(found buyer request)…On the other hand ,my 3gig show on first page.
My fiverr account

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I have the same experience. I complete 5 orders and I’m out from orders for 10+ days. I really don’t know what to do.


@davidatanasoski let’s cry together :joy::joy::joy:

@asufian97, you should say , Lets Share Together. :slight_smile:
You can use Social Media to increase sales

@onedna my gigs show on first page and 1-10 number item.
but i don’t get any order.
Can you check my link? ACCOUNT

First page impression does not mean sales.
check the other sellers gig in same niche, and notice what they are doing or using and where you are competing with them .

Please suggest me what should i do.:tired_face:

Use social media , like faecbook, twitter etc

I suggest you to add your video explaining about the service you provide to your gig thumbnail. Also if you are not willing to add your video then you can purchase a gig from seller that will provide you a video.

Furthermore use eye catching and unique gig thumbnails as it will attract the buyers to check your gig and in result you will get order.


@big_work thanks :neutral_face:

Hi I am level 2 seller Have 600+ reviews but I didn’t receive any order from last 2 days

BE patient don’t worry if you won’t getting orders now because now a days buyer activity is slow due to hurricane. As most of the buyers are from United states so they are not buying.

I think the buyer activity will be back on track after 1-2 weeks.


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@big_work correct, i have buyer and he is now in trouble

Just keep trying dear dont lose your hope and get away from effort. Try to socialize your gig more n more so u got most ranking plus go into buyer request

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@malikumer13503 every i share on twitter