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My GiGs showing Last pages

Hi guys how are you?
My Gigs showing in the last pages last 5 month maximum, I am very upset. What i need to do improve my Gigs? Any suggestion please?

Waiting for your good response.


try to active most of the time

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I am mostly online Dear

keep on tolerance dear

@midul_islam I would refrain from doling out advice if I were you.

You are just trying to game the system and the advice you just shared was going to hurt anyone who would try it out.

Keep this up and you will get your forum account into trouble.


Yes Sir my post was flagged.

Attempts to game the system will not be tolerated.


Sir , I can’t understand…Fiverr gives this chance to improve our gigs…So how it goes against the system?

Yeah, welcome to the club.

It’s simple. You need to
Stay online 24/7 and active.
Never turn on vacation mode.
Answer all messages ASAP.
Deliver in time.
Never take a break.
Never set an order limit to your gigs.
Never cancel orders even if the buyer ordered without asking you first.
Maintain 5 stars.

…and you should be fine.


I don’t understand, is you post sarcastic?

If not that’s horrible advice.



You don’t need to stay online, it doesn’t make any difference. Vacation mode is ok, I use it often without a problem. Setting an order limit on your gigs is mandatory, it prevents you from going nuts with a lot of orders in queue. Never take a break… that’s the first sign of a mental breakdown. You can obviously cancel orders, especially if the buyer is abusive or you can’t offer what he wants.


It doesn’t matter if you agree or not.
Everything I’ve said is true and valid.

Fiverr algorithm is punishing.

Donnovan86, do you believe Fiverr algorithm cares about your mental health?