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My gigs' stats are stuck

Hi Friends,

I’m wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue, but I don’t know why my gigs’ stats are stuck at certain values and neither going up nor going down. Is it a fiverr bug or something else?
I’m not getting order from last 20 days, got only 2 orders in the begining of this month of November.

Any help will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Thans in advance

NOTE: I’ve already tried everything like changing title, tags, description and images.

You should contact with CS for that issue


the gig stat usually stucks when there is bad gig performance. You can do two things.

  1. Share your gig on social media and do not share it with your friends try to share with those people which are interested in it. you use related hashtags in you social media Posts so your post targets to actual custommers.

  2. Change the description title and images. If the gig has some reviews on it try to change everything and make it original coping someone gigs is against fiverr terms and conditions