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My gig's video isn't approved

Hello :slight_smile:
That’s my first post here, so glad to enter this amazing community!
I have posted a gig about a week ago, and I noticed that it does not appear in searches.
I looked up at the gig from the dashboard panel and saw that my video is not approved yet, and a note that says that it typically takes about 24 hours to be approved.
I don’t believe that this video will be disapproved, for it does not contain any offensive content, and it fits to the standards required by Fiverr about size and format.
Anybody else encountered this issue?

Thanks for the help in advanced :slight_smile:

This happened on one of our videos, it just got lost in the approval process for a few days - Contact Customer Support and they should be able to resolve this for you.

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After video upload fiverr manually check the video and give approval with in 24 hours.
For getting approval video should be GIG related.


Thank you so much for the answer.
My video is definitely gig related.
I’ll check with customer support on this one.