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My gigs was taken to the last page

Hi fiverrians,
Please, why are all my gigs taken to the last page from its previous position?


that happens, fiverr rotating gigs apparently giving chance to be exposed for everyone and as they say that gig placement is not permanent

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Thanks for the response… But, why is that happening to all my gigs in different categories?

A friend told me its unusual.

The same thing happened to me. All my gigs were on the last page, then in 2 days or so they came back. I was very worried just like you, but they were restored back to their position. I asked customer support, they said it’s normal and gigs rotate, and we are not guaranteed a certain ranking. There are way too many gigs, and they want to be fair with everyone. So they rotate…Which I totally get. Hopefully it will get back the way it was, it did for me anyway.

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Thank you very much donnovan, for the word of encouragement.

Anyway all you can do is wait. Fiverr support won’t help because they are right, the gigs are rotating and they always change position, they can’t control that. All you can do is to send everything in time, solve revisions fast and not cancel orders I assume.

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