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My gigs went down in listing for months

Hello friends,

My gigs went down in listing for months and not ranking up for about 5 months. I am a Level 2 Seller and got many good feedbacks in this duration. I have checked and my gigs are active.

Did anyone face the same issue? Can I do something to get a better ranking again?


Yah.many top seller have that issue.I am a new seller and i don’t know what is the problem and what is the solution. But keep patience Brother. Maybe your gig coming back on previous position.


Thank You. This happened to me before but gigs were ranked last time after 1 month. This time I have waited a lot but nothing happened till the date.

I don’t know what’s going on.

i am facing the same issue,

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It’s bearable for a short span but not for a long time. How long can one retain the old customers? Fiverr should rank again the good performing gigs after ranking new sellers for short time.


i agree with you…

change your keyword and use ranked keyword
Share your gigs and get more impressions
Then your gigs will be getting ranked

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I am facing the same problem :frowning: I am a level 2 seller with 200 positive reviews on my business planning gig. My impressions went down from November 2020. I continued to improve my gigs during this time, and I have obtained 5 stars reviews, but I am at page 8 of business planning category :frowning: I hope this bad streak will change soon


Check this out:

Check this out: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr


If any customer need to find best selling gigs by shorting the gigs by Best selling option now they can see the gigs of new sellers with completed very few orders on first page and best sold gigs are after 5th pages with 1k, 2k completed orders.

Now with this new arrangement fiver is giving wrong informations to the sellers. Most of the sellers are struggling with once they made the order and they are thinking that they made the order with en experienced seller with one of the best selling gig, and at the last with the outcome they will be get disappointed with fiver.

Now on the other side experienced sellers with the best selling gigs are waiting for orders at the last page and seeking for some other platform to publish there gig as now they are receiving very few inquiries/orders.

I do not know why fiver is putting both the buyers and sellers in to very worst situation.

U probably had few cancelations or some bad rating, and thats it.

They give chance to everybody, maybe u wouldnt be even booked by anybody if they didnt have this type of system…

Hope that too. It’s very problematic to not receive orders from new customers for such a long time.

I agree it’s important to give new sellers chance but what about ranked sellers who did so much efforts to grow on the platform. Fiverr forget about them after pushing them down like some kind of penalty.

It’s general to have few cancellations and some are even due to buyers. I remember once a buyer placed 5 orders consistently and asked me to cancel all. What should I have done in that case? I have to cancel them all but at that time gigs were still on top few pages.

I have received few orders after my gigs went down and all got good feedback.

It’s fiverr algorithm I think. No keywords or anything work in this condition.

Giving chance to new sellers is much more appreciated in a proper way. This is not a proper way to have business by providing wrong information’s.

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Thanks for this information! Suddenly, I have tried different combinations of social media marketing, SEO optimization, and other similar attempts, but I am still in page 8 of my category (and I have 200 positive reviews. During the last 2 months, I have obtained only 5* reviews), while I see level 0 seller with 3 reviews on page one every day. This is profoundly stressing

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I have same issue my gigs are not even shown on last pages. I have 150+ reviews with only 4 cancellations.

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