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Hey guys, I’m in need of a little help. I think I need to do more for people to hire me but i just dont know what. Any suggestions. I’m open! [-O<

Welcome to Fiverr! I reviewed your profile and gigs and my suggestions would be:

  • Differentiate your two gig titles - at first glance they seem like the same thing except one is limited to four bar and the other is unlimited.
  • 4 Beats does NOT equal four bars. Typically, four bars in 4/4 time is sixteen beats total, two eight counts. As someone who understands music, I would SO not hire you based on that typo alone, no matter how good you are!!
  • The gig that is more specific “I will write a 4 bar verse or hook to your song for $5” is WAY better; personally I think you should go with that gig only and delete the other one completely.
  • Other ideas for gigs: Based on your add-ons, you could add a gig for performing a song, doing multiple voice layers for other people’s already-recorded tracks, or do this gig in multiple musical styles (ie jazz, hip hop, pop, soul, etc etc) so that people feel like the gig they’re ordering is more specialized from the start with no extra work on your end!

    Good luck!