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My girlfriend's account was disabled, how long to get it back online?


My girlfriend’s account was disabled for supposedly “having 2 accounts”, meaning the site probably thought she did since sometimes we switch computers.

She wrote a message to support yesterday and hasn’t received an answer. She’s got more than $200 she didn’t withdraw.

I want to hear any success stories about people regaining their accounts and how long it took.

Sadly, lately the site has been behaving unbearably to sellers, as you know. I no longer feel I’m a freelancer but a slave.



I am sorry that your girlfriend is having to go through these issues.

As long as you and your girlfriend do not have the same bank account (or PayPal account, or Payoneer account) connected (to withdraw the funds earned), her account should be fine. I hope she gets a positive response from CS.

As to the question of “how long to get it back online?”, this entirely depends on your interaction with CS. I would imagine that it varies a lot from one case to another.

Please keep us posted of the progress/updates from CS (if you want to).

Good luck!


She actually hasn’t setup a payment account yet. The problem is that lately the site has been acting very shoot first, ask questions later.


Sadly, gotta agree with you on that one. :crying_cat_face: :disappointed:


Hello, I was just reading your issue and I am currently going through just about the same thing. I am assuming your girlfriend’s account was restricted. If so, have the trust and safety team gotten back and how long did it take if they have.


It’s really sad news. I would like to say you to wait for an update from the support team.


Hello, after the 3 months, she contacted support and they allowed her to withdraw the money she had in her account but her account is still suspended.

But we are no longer together, so does that mean she can get her account back?

It is completely illogical and should be illegal what they’re doing.


It’s nice you still are friendly with her and trying to help her. I can tell you care about her a lot. :love_letter:

Sometimes after a breakup it’s best to let the other person do things for themself instead of still trying to straighten out their problems for them. She can become too dependent on the help you provide.