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My goal is to become top rated seller before 2020 ends

I came on Fiverr in 2019 but I got my first order a month ago for $5 and now I’m getting good amount of orders regularly. My goal is to become a top-rated seller before 2020 ends. At first, my gig’s price was very low so I increased little.
I hope I get customers like before.


That’s a great goal to have but you may be setting yourself for frustration here. You’re fairly new in your Fiverr journey and you have no level as of now, so I’d suggest to make smaller goals to start.

Looking at your profile I’d say that targeting at getting 100 orders by the end of 2020 would be a far more realistic goal.

Good luck!


Yes, you’re right. But, I hope to become a level one seller in the next month.

I appreciate you having a goal. I completed one order. Could you tell me what your secret to getting more orders was?

There is no secret, provide a good quality product that has an audience, with excellent customer service, is the recipe to repeat orders and a growing client base :slight_smile:

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Just provide quality service to your client and always behavior like a friend. He’ll be back to you for sure!

You’re right sir. I always provide the best work to client as descried and I’m good at the that work. That’s why I’m having long term customers.

I don’t want to shoot down your goal, but as others have said, I don’t think this is physically achievable in the timeframe you’ve stated. If you’ve only just started, we could be generous and say that you’ve made $1,000 in sales so far? You’d therefore need to achieve $19,000 in sales before the end of the year, or around $3,167 per month, starting next month, just to hit the financial goal associated with the TRS level. A consistent $3,000 per month is a goal that most people on Fiverr haven’t achieved, and for those who have, it takes a while to build the customer base, and your reputation.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals - all I’d say is don’t get blind-sided by the levels, they mean way less than you think. If you keep going, you’ll get Level 1, and then it’s a bit of a push to get Level 2, but honestly, once you’re there, you could happily go the rest of your career making a lot of money, never moving past that. Of course, if you do get TRS, that’s great - but don’t sweat it if you don’t, or if it takes a long time.

It took us about 3 months to get Level 1, and about 6 months to get Level 2, and then a further 2 years before we hit TRS. And if I’m honest, there’s no huge difference between Level 2 and TRS when it comes to sales.

Good luck.


Yeah, 20k a year is solidly within the top 1% of sellers for sure. The biggest advantage of being TRS is the 7 day clearance imo.


Nice goal to have but a very hard one to achieve, I’m over 5y on Fiverr and still lvl 2 and also know many more people that are longer then me here and are consistently grinding and getting work done, also stuck on lvl 2. Like others have said, having a goal like that is great but myb start with a smaller one :slight_smile:


You’re absolutely right. We can just work hard and provide quality delivery to our customers. Now, I’m focusing on small goals too.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah! You’re a Pro seller, you know it better. :smiley:

Absolutely sir, I’m going to work hard now.

Good luck brother, may god bless you dear.

Thank you a lot. :slight_smile:
God bless you.

What if you didn’t realise your goal? For that you need to set positive and negative expectation - ambition is dangerous.

If you have orders regularly with a good amount of money to live, why you are putting goals?

The life is process not goals.

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I’m really inspired with this,sir.
Thank you.

Most sellers won’t become TRS, I suggest finding a more realistic goal, then again, I’m not much of a goal setter. I do what I can and leave the rest to fate.

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You’re right!
Now, I’m focusing on my work, not on goals.


You’ll need to earn $400 with at least 10 orders. Personally, I don’t expect I’ll be level 1 till next year - and I have about 3 months till my Fiverr cake day.
Just focus on one step at a time - delivering quality. Gradually increase your prices or work on a bigger budget project from Buyer’s Requests.